Apple TV 2 jailbreak on 5.2 firmware FireCore has released the new Seas0nPass tool that allows the jailbreak of Apple TV 2 on firmware 5.2.

Apart from updating the tool, they’ve also updated aTV Flash black, upgrading it to version 2.2.

The Seas0nPass tool works for Apple TV 2 owners running iOS 6.1. However, there’s no support for Apple TV 3 so far. The aTV Flash Black update brings support for the Bluetooth keyboard that was featured in firmware 5.2, along with bug fixes.

There’s a web browser with a native Google Search bar in aTV Flash black known as Couch Surface Pro. It also has compatibility for HTML-5 videos.

The Seas0nPass tool works only on firmware 5.2 for Apple TV 2, and won’t support untethered jailbreak on older firmwares.

The aTV Flash (Black) update costs $29.95 for new users. It’s free for existing owners. However, the update needs to be downloaded from the official website after the jailbreak.

Are you an Apple TV owner? Will you jailbreak? Feel free to leave comments.