SFO Closed, Flights Diverted To Other Airports

SFO Closed, Flights Diverted To Other Airports

Due to the crash of a Boeing 777, Asiana flight 214, arriving from South Korea at 11:26 pm PT today, San Francisco International Airport is closed.

The SFO’s website, flyto.com, has crashed as well, or has been taken down. No information is currently available from the airport’s website as to flight delays or where incoming flights are being diverted to.

Information is coming in from the airport’s official Twitter account.

According to SFO’s tweets, all flights in and out of the airport are currently suspended. Flights are being diverted to other airports.

In an interview on Fox News, a man identified only as  a family member of a passenger on board the Asiana flight, said he is being told everyone survived the crash. The FAA has not confirmed that information. But there are conflicting reports which indicate two deaths. It’s being reported that 291 people were on board.

31 incoming flights are being reported as being diverted to San Jose, but other flights are headed to other airports. No firm information on which flights are being diverted as of yet.

2:06pm (PT): LAX is also being identified as a location that many flights are being diverted to – but no firm confirmation of that yet.

2:10pm (PM): SFO is currently holding a news conference. Very short. They are advising travelers to check with their airline concerning the status of their flight. No other details were released related to where incoming flights are headed. They did confirm that the airport is shut down and no flights are arriving or departing.

We’ve compiled a list major airline’s that fly in and out of SFO which have forms for checking flight status real time and/or additional contact information:

American Airlines


British Airways


Japan Airlines




Virgin America

2:30pm (PT): Official website for San Francisco International Airport remains down at this time. No updates through their twitter account. SFO did just hold another press conference, but no additional information on where flights are being diverted to.

2:45pm (PT) SFO, through their twitter account, is reporting that two runways will be open soon. Their website remains down.

3:30pm (PT): SFO has confirmed that 2 runways have been reopened – details.

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