Shadowman #8 Proves To Be a Great Issue

Shadowman #8 Proves To Be a Great Issue

The “Shadowman” series is impressive

Shadowman #8 was impressive.

There are many comic books released every week, and there have been for a very long time. With story after story being published, originality and intrigue can be hard to come by.

The series Shadowman, published by Valiant Entertainment, is telling a great story that comic fans need to be reading. I was blown away by this issue in a great way.

The story picks up as Dox, one of Shadowman’s abettors, has been trapped on the Deadside, after trying to help shadow man. After he goes into the Deadside, The Darque captures him. Shadowman sets out to save Dox, but he meets opposition along the way. Meanwhile, the Darque has plans of his own to break through the Deadside’s barriers, and to break into the living world.

Overall, the story was great. The dialogue of the Darque throughout the issue was exceptional. Capturing the voice of a villain is a difficult task. As often as it is done, it is very easy to fall flat, relying on cliche aspects of the villain to guide the dialogue. This is not the case with the Darque’s, his words are truly haunting and intriguing.

Justin Jordan, the writer, did a great job not overwriting the issue. There are no needless word balloons or narration boxes, because of this, every word spoken carries weight, and the voice of the characters comes through much more clearly.

This series contains a lot of originality. I thought the Darque’s plot against the world of the living was very smart. The way the soul is defined is very interesting as well. I really liked that the soul is a type of energy that can be used for fuel by the Darque, and that it can be corrupted despite being immortal. Devilhearts were also a high point, which are devices used to take a living person’s soul to the Deadside.

I enjoyed the art as well. Pencilling duties were shared by Roberto De La Torre, Neil Edwards, and Lewis Larosa. The Deadside had a distinctive look, and was clearly distinguishable from the living world.

I also enjoyed the Cajun twist this series has. The Cajun culture is an interesting one that it lends itself well to comics.

I was very impressed with this issue, and I am definitely going to follow this series. Comic fans need to pick up Shadowman. I have not read anything quite like this. The story is thoroughly executed. The writing was top notch, and I enjoyed the art as well. Combining Cajun Voodoo with the supernatural has turned out to be a great combination.

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