You might soon see PayPal popping up at your local mom-and-pop stores, according to an announcement from PayPal late last week.

PayPal is continuing a push into real world stores. Until late last year, PayPal just dealt with online transactions. But then they began testing the use of PayPal at Home Depot stores, and have since expanded the testing into Office Depot stores.

Now PayPal is launching a program targeting smaller stores. The smaller stores will be able to use an app and a small scanner attached to an iPhone or, (coming soon) an Android powered smart phone, to accept payments.

It may be a bit of a surprise for a shopper to see a scanner attached to a smart phone scanning in their credit card information. Or perhaps even more surprising, a photo of their check being taken for processing. But shoppers may see all sorts of things in the near future as the payment processing industry undergoes a revolution.

PayPal does state that one of the benefits of their system is security. Their new service, which is called PayPay Here, uses “end-to-end encryption to help protect card information as it swipes, backed by PayPal’s world-class security, risk and fraud management systems,” according to their announcement.

Along with processing credit cards and checks, the app and scanner from PayPal will, of course, be able to access a shopper’s PayPal account to pay for merchandise as well.