FX  has released a poster for the final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and based on the pic the idea of Jax “becoming” the Grim Reaper seems not only plausible, but probable.

The poster shows Jax with his back to the camera, where a haunting image of a skull has replaced his infamous ‘Sons of Anarchy’ tat.

He is also holding a gun in his back waistband.

The fact that Jax’s iconic tattoo has been replaced with a skull could mean many things, but based on the previous trailers it would appear it is a harbinger of the dark path Jax will take this year as the angel of death.

In the previous trailers for the upcoming season Jax has been seen with his face shifting from normal to a skull and back, as if he’s shifting between what little is left of his morality and his need to become the reaper and avenge Tara’s death. 

Show creator Kurt Sutter did say that Jax would have only one purpose this season: to find and destroy whoever murdered Tara.

Since Tara was his moral compass, the idea of Jax becoming a murderous reaper, as this poster suggests, makes perfect sense.

We will just have to wait and see what it all means, but luckily September is almost here!

The Seventh and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premieres September 9 at 10 P.M. (EST) on FX.

Check out the poster below and tell us what you think it all means.