Season 7 of  ‘Sons of Anarchy’ fan has been all about blood and violence, but according to show creator Kurt Sutter lollipops and gumdrops are lurking below the surface.  

In a recent tweet Sutter said: ” Pulp violence and dark absurdity has always been the candy coating on #SOA.  Once you look through it you find the soft, sweet center.”

While some may find that statement odd, I think it is the perfect description for the show and further proof that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) will find his way back to who he was. 

As a viewer since the very beginning I have always found the show to be more light than dark.

While Sutter does not write about rainbows and kittens, he definitely doesn’t write all doom and gloom either.  

Much  like the world we live in now there are a lot of good moments amid terrible acts of violence and horror. 

While the machinations of characters like Gemma (Katey Sagal), Clay (Ron Perlman) and others with a dark side get the most attention, they are really a small part and focus of the overall show.

SOA has been a study in how those on the other side of the law live and love and have given people a glimpse into what is an unknown world for many.

There has been friendship, brotherhood and love to go with all the lies and betrayals and viewers have been shpwn that the MC world is no different from the rest of our worlds. 

At it’s core, though, the show has been about Jax and his struggle within himself to find his place in society, his club and his family.

Over 6 seasons we have watched him time and time again, despite all that he has seen try to broker peace and change the world they all live in.

No, Jax does not always do the right thing, but until this season he has always TRIED to and that, to me is a message of hope.

This season, for the 1st time we have seen him  give in to his dark side and although it is fascinating to watch I believe it is only temporary and Sutter’s tweet confirms that in my mind.

Jax is the soft sweet center, which means that at some point he will come to his senses and be who he truly is, not who he has become out of grief and anger.

So for fans who have been writing that they are disappointed in Jax and his behavior this season I will say the same thing to you that I said when Tara hatched her plot to take off with the boys: after 6 years you should KNOW who he is and have more faith in him. 

What do you think of Kurt Sutter’s tweet?  Comment below and share your views of the show with us.