Sony/Unity Deal – Porting Existing Titles To PS4 Would Be Easy

Sony/Unity Deal – Porting Existing Titles To PS4 Would Be Easy

There’s good news for those looking forward to the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Sony has completed a new partnership deal with Unity, the game engine development company.

PS4 will get the engine, with tools that will allow developers to easily adapt existing titles to the console.

Unity can run on desktop, smartphones, tablets and game consoles. With ‘Unity for PlayStation’, developers will be able to port existing Unity titles to the PS console range.

The tool will be compatible with several PS products, including PS Mobile, PS3, PS Vita as well as yet to be released PS4.

The deal also means PS4 owners won’t have to act as on-lookers to games on previous models.

Developers will cherish the deal as they won’t have to make completely new titles for the fourth generation console from Sony.

There hasn’t been any announcement yet about Unity titles for PS4 or any plans from developers to take on the new engine.

Which titles would you like to see on PS4?

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