Spirit Airlines To Hit Some Flyers With $100 Carry On Fee

Spirit Airlines To Hit Some Flyers With $100 Carry On Fee

Spirit-AirlinesSpirit Airlines, apparently not satisfied with the bad PR the company received after recently denying a refund to a dying vet, has heaped tons more bad PR onto themselves.

The company has announced that, starting late this year (Nov 6, 2012), they will be raising the fee for carrying on a bag that needs to be placed into the overhead bin to as much as $100.

That particular price increase is what’s making the headlines, both here at CP and on other sites. But what many sites are neglecting to mention is that while many of the fees Spirit Airlines charges are going up, some are going down.

And what’s missing from the actual headlines is the fact that the $100 only applies if the fee for the carry on bag is paid at the gate. If paid during booking, or before check in, the fee will be $35, an increase of $5 over the current domestic price.

The current fee for paying last minute at the gate is $45 – that is the one that’s going to be raised to $100.

According to Spirit Airlines, there is no fee for bags which fit under the seat.  The maximum size of bags that will fit under the seat is 16 x 14 x 12 inches.

The changes in the fee structure include eliminating the difference between domestic and international fees. In some cases the international fee is reduced to match the current domestic fee. In other cases, the domestic fee is raised to match the international fee. There are also cases in which the two fees are averaged, or both are raised.

A full list of the fee changes is available on their website here.

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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