Star Trek Into Darkness Released On DVD – Review, Prices, Stores

Star Trek Into Darkness Released On DVD – Review, Prices, Stores

Star Trek Into Darkness was released on DVD yesterday, September 10th.

If you didn’t see it in theaters, you’re in for a thrill ride of a movie when you catch the DVD. I won’t throw any spoilers into this review, but I will mention I was correct on many accounts in my previous article discussing what may come to pass in the movie (Teaser Trailer discussion, December 9, 2012).

Don’t read that article unless you want to know who the villain played by Benedict Cumberpatch is before you watch the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness did well enough to know there will be a third movie on the franchise; the sequel pulled in over $465 million worldwide. That’s about $80 million more than the first reboot, which was also directed by J.J. Abrams.

If you’re not a fan of J.J Abrams, then you’re probably also not a fan of lens flares – and there are plenty of those in both movies.

The acting is top notch with some great portrayals both honoring the past incarnations of the Star Trek core crew of the Enterprise and some unique flavors of their own. J.J. Abrams knows how to pack action into a movie; there is no shortage of thrills and surprises in this fast-paced film.

The Star Trek Into Darkness plot involves a villain (played by Benedict Cumberpatch) who executes a devastating terrorist strike on a Federation facility in downtown London. This sets off a series of events which has the crew of the Enterprise chasing him across the galaxy and eventually capturing him, all to discover that not everything is as it appears.

There is a lot of action, some great twists and, if you’re a fan of the old Star Trek, you’ll be happy to see some characters from that franchise make their reappearance here in addition to the standard Enterprise crew.

Star Trek Into Darkness DVD is available at Best Buy for $16.99 (DVD), $19.99 (Blu-Ray), $26.99 (Blu-Ray/3D) and a special “exclusive content included” DVD (Blu-Ray) priced at $19.99 (requires a CinemaNow account and CinemaNow enabled HDTV). Walmart undercuts Best  Buy by a little bit; the DVD is listed at $15.96, Blu-Ray at $19.96 and the Blu-Ray/3D at $24.96.

Target has the same price on the DVD as Best Buy, a bit higher on the Blu-Ray/3D at $27.99 but offers a special collector’s edition DVD at $19.99 that boasts 70 minutes of additional content.

Amazon has similar pricing – $15.96 (DVD), $19.96 (Blu-Ray), and $25.99 (Blu-Ray/3D) but has the instant buy digital version for $14.99.

Are you a fan of the new J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek?

Let me know in the comments below!

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