Humble Bumble Offering Steam KeysJust announced, the newest Humble Bundle is offering Steam keys for purchase for seven blockbuster games made by video game studio THQ.

As with past Humble Bundle offerings, gamers are offered several different titles to choose from, and they are given the option to pay as much as they want for the games as long as the amount is at least $1.

Of course, the games are only available for Windows.

Gamers are also given the option to choose where the money for their purchase is allocated. To quote the Humble Bundle official website:

“Support amazing charities. Choose how your purchase is divided: to the Child’s Play Charity, the American Red Cross, and/or to THQ. And if you like this promotion, a tip to the Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated!”

The games included in the Humble THQ Bundle are Darksiders, Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033 and Company of Heroes with its two expansions: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Additionally, any gamer who decides to pay more than the average price will receive Saints Row The Third for free.

The Humble THQ Bundle also includes complete sound tracks for Darksiders, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes and Saints Row The Third.

The Humble THQ Bundle is only available for the next 13 days. Will you be picking a bundle up for yourself? Sound off in the comments section below.