“Talon” #9 Has Calvin Taking On Bane

“Talon” #9 Has Calvin Taking On Bane

Talon heads to Santa Prisca to take down Bane and his army

This month’s issue of Talon gives our protagonist a very difficult task.

The Court of Owls, holding Calvin’s friends hostage, give Calvin a seemingly impossible task of taking down Bane and his army on the island of Santa Prisca.

In a solid issue of Talon, we see the resurrected Calvin being further extorted by the Court of Owls. While he managed to get out of killing Strix by presenting the Owls with a corpse left over from a previous encounter.

Despite the fact that the Court of Owls appear to believe that Calvin did as they asked by killing Strix, he and his family are still not off the hook. Instead, his mission seems near impossible, and to make matters worse, the Court will kill Calvin’s friends.

Calvin, understanding that he must take more extreme measures to ensure the safety of his friends. He visits Casey, now imprisoned, and takes steps to hopefully helping her and her daughter escape.

Then it is off to Santa Prisca. The resurrected Calvin is now much harder to kill, but the task at hand is still near impossible. It is cool to see Bane’s base. He is as vicious as ever, and has ventured into conducting scientific experiments to help his cause. Calvin is good at what he does, and proves it on this mission, but we are yet to see if he can pull it off.

He runs into some unfavorables from his past, and realizes there are challenges on the base he did not account for.

Overall, I enjoyed the issue. I was not sure it was a good idea to keep the Court of Owls at the front and center like DC has done by creating this series, but I am actually enjoying. I like the fact that these various secret organizations are fighting each other for supremacy. Calvin, our main character, is in a really hard spot, and we will see if he gets out of it.

Adding Bane is nice touch in my opinion. I’ve always been a fan, and with his great presence in The Dark Knight Rises, the comics should be taking full advantage and making him a force to be reckoned with in the DC universe.

This series has been surprisingly great. At first, I did not think it was a good idea to take it this far with the Court of Owls. I was okay with them appearing from time to time, but I thought they were best staying in Scott Snyder’s acclaimed storyline. However, I have to admit that I was wrong, and that I have actually really enjoyed this series.

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