The first teaser trailer for the Entourage movie is now out. The two minute, thirty second clip has all the players from the HBO series in full form. Fans are really looking forward to this film that would wrap everything up from where the series had left off.

The movie seems to be surrounding the boys’ newest endeavor of filming a $115 million dollar movie – one that Vince is directing, none the less. Backed by Ari’s bank roll, and having gone 15 million dollars over budget, there’s a lot of pressure to pull off a giant debut blockbuster.

I’m hoping the movie won’t feel like a two hour episode, but more like a big, R comedy film. It’ll be worth the price of admission to see Jeremy Pivon, who plays Ari Gold, carry most of the scenes he’s in, with his bigger-than-life character.

I’m really pulling for this movie and hope they do it right. Any fan boy of the series will love it, but hopefully it reaches a wider audience.

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Happy Holidays!