The Legend Of Korra Ratings Decline Continues

The Legend Of Korra Ratings Decline Continues

Despite the great anticipation surrounding the second season of The Legend of Korra, the past three episodes have performed disappointingly, with last week’s episode reaching a new series low.

According to Hypable, the one-hour premier of The Legend of Korra: Book 2 only scored 2.600 million total viewers, a big drop off from the series’ original premier of 4.548 million.

Zap2It reported even lower numbers for this past Friday’s episode, as “Civil Wars – Part 1” set a new series low at 2.191 million.

While Nick and More notes Nickelodeon has been struggling recently in the ratings department, Korra fans are worrying what the first kids’ network will do if the ratings spiral down even further.

While fears of cancellation are swarming The Legend of Korra fandom, the Republic City Dispatch tumblr  reminded readers that Nickelodeon has already ordered two more seasons.

On top of that, co-creator and executive producer of the Avatar franchise, Bryan Konietzko, wrote in May about the simultaneous production of Book 2, 3, and 4. Meaning, the likelihood of Nickelodeon dropping Korra after all the time and money spent on more seasons is low. However, with each episode scoring lower than before, Nickelodeon is likely questioning how important a role the Avatar franchise should play in the network’s future.

What’s causing the sudden ratings drop for Korra?

As many have mentioned, the series is now premiering on Friday nights, as opposed to the previous Saturday morning time slot. With Book 2 receiving less media attention from Nick than Book 1, it’s possible many who previously tuned in to Korra are unaware of the series’ return. The long hiatus between seasons is another factor in Korra’s decline, with the lack of reruns playing on Nick to generate hype for the Book 2 being another.

Lastly, it’s possible Korra’s ratings decline is the result of viewers still feeling burned by the panned season one finale. Criticism over Korra has only gotten more heated with the new season, as series’ martial arts coordinator, William “Bill” Rinaldi, declared he’s taking a break from tumblr, to escape vocal fans’ displeased with Book 2.

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