remee sleep maskHave you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of a teeth clenching nightmare, wanting desperately for it come to an end?

Maybe you were having one of those OK dreams, missing that one special ingredient that would turn it into a toe curling fantasy.

Imagine if you had the power to fully control the outcome and direction of  your dreams. Imagine all of the things you could (not) accomplish? According to BitBanger Labs, developers of the Remee, this is all possible through the power of lucid dreaming.

What Is The Remee?

The Remee is a electronic sleep mask, developed solely for the purpose of consciously controlling one’s own dreams. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and, additionally,  is also said (by the manufacturers) to be quite comfortable.

This is all thanks to the new, revolutionary, Flexible Printed Circuit technology from which the externals of the mask are designed around.

How Does It Work

As was said earlier, the Remee works off of the concept of lucid dreaming. For those of you who have no idea what lucid dreaming is, it is a situation in which, for a significant amount of time, a person is fully aware of the fact that they are dreaming while they are still asleep. Think Inception.

The concept behind the mask is centered around an idea that if one is able to achieve lucidity while dreaming, it is then possible to be in control of the overall flow of the dream while you are still asleep.

So, through a very clever implementations of some very simple technology, BitBanger Labs believes that the Remee will help its users to significantly increase the possibility of achieving this mental state.

The Technology

The inside of the Remee (the side facing you face) is outfitted with six horizontal LED lights that flicker on when the masks believes that the wearer has hit REM sleep. The lights in questions are not bright enough to take you out of your sleep (obviously), but  just bright enough to create a visual anomaly (in your dream), letting your brain know that you are still indeed sleeping.

remee sleepmask lights blinkingUnfortunately, the Remee does not have any in built sensors that would allow it to automatically detect when the wearer has entered REM sleep (imagine how big it would be). Therefore, it  requires the user to manually program the device (i.e. set a time) so that it knows when the lights should be activated.

Also, in order to effectively use the device, wearers will have to actively train their brains to recognize the visual anomaly as a queue to start controlling their dreams; instead of simply recognizing that are in a dream and waking up.

This technology, at least from what I have been able to uncover in my research, is one of a kind. There is also no concrete proof, or peer reviewed studies, that would indicate that the Remee is actually able to achieve the promises made by its developers. However, anecdotal evidence from users would indicate that it does indeed work (some of the time).

At the time of this post, the Remee is only being sold at the developers website for a price of $95 (USD).

Will you be getting a Remee? Do you care about controlling your dreams?

Tell us in the comments section below.