The SquareThe Square is a documentary following several young revolutionaries in Egypt.

It starts with the peaceful occupation of Tahrir Square that forced Hosni Mubarak to step down.

After the celebration ends, the military takes over and nothing seems to change.

So once again the people take to the square in protest, but this time they are met with violent opposition.

The Muslim Brotherhood joins the protesters in the square, according to Ahmed Hassan (one of the young voices of the revolution), to further their political goals.

Following the Muslim Brotherhoods appearance in the square, the first democratic elections are held with the choices being a man from the old regime or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Warning: This movie has some graphic footage, there is a clip of tanks running people over and the squished face of one of the protesters.

There is also a video from one of the men who was hauled off to “the museum” and tortured.

Today BBC News reported on several bombings in Cairo. So although the movie has already ended, this story is far from over.

Recently nominated for an Oscar, the updated version of The Square came out on January 17th and is available to stream on Netflix.