AMC  released 4 new webisodes of The Walking Dead yesterday.

The new webisodes come just two weeks before the third season of the popular zombie show is set to premiere.

Like last year’s webisodes, these Walking Dead shorts intersect with the lives of our heroes on the show.

We’ll avoid any spoilers here, but we do get a glimpse of Rick Grimes and family in happier times. We also get to see an area of Atlanta that was the scene of some scary excitement  early on in the first season of the show.

The just released webisode series is titled “Cold Storage.” The individual episodes are “Hide and Seek,” “Keys to the Kingdom,”  “The Chosen Ones,”  and “Parting Shots.”

The series harkens back to the early days of the disaster, and follows the efforts of a young man named Chase in his effort to survive. As would be expected, the webisodes contain their fair share of blood and gore.

This year’s webisodes are on AMC’s website here.

Last year’s webisode series, which includes 6 shorts, are posted here.

The Walking Dead, season 3, premieres October 14th at 9pm ET on AMC. As we reported earlier, there will also be a live stream of the premiere for DISH subscribers (expect lots of “not available on DISH” propaganda).

Can  you stand the wait for season 3? What do you think of the previews we have seen so far? Leave your comments below!