The Walking Dead S3 Premiere To Live-Stream For DISH Customers

The Walking Dead S3 Premiere To Live-Stream For DISH Customers

Fans of the popular Walking Dead TV series will be glad to hear the announcement made by AMC, stating that there will be a live stream of the premiere episode of Season 3 for all DISH subscribers.

The episode will be available on the cable network’s website  and will be streaming along with it’s television counterpart.

As we reported back in June, DISH has dropped AMC and does not providing access to any of the AMC shows, including Walking Dead.

In a statement made on their official blog, AMC has stated, “In response to DISH taking away its customers’ favorite scripted drama series on basic cable–The Walking Dead — AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the hit show’s season three premiere episode on Sun., Oct. 14, at 9PM ET/6PM PT on”

Walking Dead has been hailed as the “greatest thriller ever produced for television” , by Entertainment Weekly and is ranked #1 in basic cable scripted drama for DISH customers.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will air in two-parts with the first eight hours starting from October 14 and the final episodes returning beginning February 2013.

DISH subscribers will be required to register for the free live streaming of the premiere episode here. The process for registration began on Friday 28th September, 2012

Here is the trailer for the Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

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