The Walking Dead, Season 3, Now On Netflix

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Now On Netflix

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is now available streaming on Netflix.

Netflix offers a free month subscription to new subscribers. After the first free month, it costs $7.99 per month.

We’ve been waiting for the news of The Walking Dead season 3 making it to Netflix for a while now.

Season 4 is set to premiere on AMC Oct 13, and it’s been traditional that Netflix releases the previous season about 2 weeks before the new season premieres. They are just a bit ahead of the curve this year.

Just a few days ago AMC announced that a new The Walking Dead webisode series would premiere on on Oct 1. It is called “The Oath”.

Seasons 1 and 2 are also available on Netflix. With the addition of season 3, all 35 episodes of The Walking Dead aired to date are available on the streaming service.

Without giving too much away, season 3 is predominantly about our heroes’ relationships with the townsfolk and, of course, the Governor, of Woodbury.

It’s intense, sad, touching, hopeful, horrifying, and we see the best and the worst of people… in other words, typical The Walking Dead fare!

Will you be watching The Walking Dead season 3 on Netflix for the first time – or is will it be a way to get ready for season 4?

Let me know in the comments section below – and be sure to follow me by email for all the latest from The Walking Dead!

update – typo in premiere date for season 4 corrected.

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