Walking Dead Rewards Code Words – Updated Weekly

Walking Dead Rewards Code Words – Updated Weekly

Here’s a running list of the reward code words for each week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Talking Dead, and Ride with Norman Reedus.

We’ll add the latest code words each evening as the episodes air.

You know the drill – you enter them over on AMC’s The Walking Dead Rewards site.

Get enough points, and you can trade them in for TWD or FTWD mugs, posters, trinkets, messages from the stars, tickets to the Talking Dead and more.

If we run late with any updates, feel free to share them yourself in the comments section below, or if you are looking for them, check the comments.

Also be sure share this post with your fellow fans, family and followers. They’ll appreciate the info!

Here we go, the most recent at the top. Do check the date so you don’t use the previous week’s code words:

TWD now on a break, date of season finale to be announced in the future.

04/05/20 Rewards Code TWD: GUARDIANS  Talking Dead: HARRISBURG

03/29/20 Rewards Code TWD: BATTLEFIELD  Talking Dead: HALFMOON

03/22/20 Rewards Code TWD: MILITIA Talking Dead: BOOTS

03/15/20 Rewards Code TWD: NEWWORLD (Talking Dead cancelled tonight)

03/08/20 Rewards Code TWD:  BLUEEVIL Talking Dead: BLUEWING

03/01/20 Rewards Code TWD:  MARY Talking Dead: GRAVE

02/23/20 Rewards Code TWD: ENDOFTHEWORLD Talking Dead: SOCKS

11/24/19 Rewards Code TWD: BOUNDARY Talking Dead: THANKFUL

11/17/19 Rewards Code TWD: DEVOUR Talking Dead: SIDDIQ

11/10/19 Rewards Code TWD: BOUNTY Talking Dead: TATERBUG

11/03/19 Rewards Code TWD: SATELLITE Talking Dead:  NUTTAPPING

10/27/19 Rewards Code TWD: SILENCE Talking Dead:  BLATTODEA

10/20/19 Rewards Code TWD: OCEANSIDE Talking Dead:  HOGWEED

10/13/19 Rewards Code TWD: ALPHA Talking Dead:  GAMMA

10/06/19 Rewards Code TWD: AFTERMATH Talking Dead: EUGENIUS

09/29/19 Rewards Code FTWD: PROMISE Talking Dead: CANDYBEANSIES

09/22/19 Rewards Code FTWD: NEWHOME

09/15/19 Rewards Code FTWD: EPIPHANY

09/08/19 Rewards Code FTWD: MOTIVES

09/01/19 Rewards Code FTWD: RABBI

08/25/19 Rewards Code – FTWD:  No code aired during tonight’s show. Users on Twitter are complaining about it. Consumer Press has sent a note to AMC Networks for an explanation and will provide an update if we receive further information. See: TWD Rewards Is A Mess 

08/18/19 Rewards Code – FTWD: DESERTED

08/11/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD #1: SECLUDED #2: SOUL TWD: CONVOY

08/11/19 Rewards Codes – Talking Dead TWD Preview: SWEARJAR  (no text box currently appears on the AMC Rewards site for this entry)

07/21/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  NEWHOME | Talking Dead: PROPOSAL  (users are reporting that no text box is available for entering the Talking Dead rewards code on the AMC Rewards site)

07/14/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  NEWMISSION

07/7/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  GROUPTASK

06/30/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  STORYCHASING

06/23/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  RESCUE

06/16/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  SHELTER

06/09/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD:  WALKERTHREAT

06/02/19 Rewards Codes – FTWD: NEWTERRITORY | Talking Dead: SKIDMARK

03/31/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: THEFAIR | Talking Dead: SNOW

03/24/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: SECONDSKIN | Talking Dead: HEROES

03/17/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: KINGDOMCOME | Talking Dead: SCARS

03/10/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: BETA | Talking Dead: CHOKEPOINT

03/03/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: SAVEALEXANDRIA | Talking Dead: PANTALONES

02/24/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: DEADORALIVE | Talking Dead: BOOMBOX

02/17/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: OMEGA| Talking Dead: DAUGHTER

02/10/19 Rewards Codes – TWD: NEWENEMY| Talking Dead: NEWJACKET
Ride w/Norman Reedus: NEGANRIDES

11/25/18 Rewards Codes – TWD: WHISPERERS | Talking Dead: JESUS

11/18/18 Rewards Codes – TWD: TIMEJUMP | Talking Dead: STRADIVARIUS

11/11/18 Rewards Codes – TWD: EVOLUTION | Talking Dead: JUDITH

11/04/18 Rewards Codes – TWD: MAGNA | Talking Dead: HELICOPTER

10/28/18  Rewards Codes – TWD: THEBRIDGE | Talking Dead: BROTHER

10/21/18  Rewards Codes – TWD:  OURFUTURE | Talking Dead: TOMATO

10/14/18 Rewards Codes –  TWD: HILLTOP | Talking Dead: AARON

10/07/18 Rewards Codes –  TWD: NEWBEGINNING | Talking Dead: PROPOSAL

9/30/18 Rewards Codes –  TWD: LOSE53 | Talking Dead: ETHANOL

9/23/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: FEAR54 | Talking Dead: BEERBOS

9/17/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: DEADCODE | Talking Dead: HOSPITAL

9/9/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: MORGANFEAR | Talking Dead: BLACKJACK

9/2/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: WEAK | Talking Dead: QUIN

8/27/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: ALTHEA | Talking Dead: MOMO

8/19/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: JUNELAURA | Talking Dead: BEACH

8/12/18 Rewards Codes –  FTWD: COLONIA | Talking Dead:

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