Toyota Introduces The FT-1 In Montreal

The much anticipated Toyota FT-1 is finally here, and by here I mean the latest concept version is literally in Canada.

Visitors to the Montreal International Autoshow will be among the first to lay eyes on the long awaited sports car, which is being debuted in Montreal from January 16-25.

Toyota has had past success in the sport car market with such models as the Celica, 2000GT.MR-2, Supra and the recent FR-S.

The FT-1 is a stunning front engine rear-wheel drive 2 door coupe.

The design follows the classic sports car theme of being long, low and mean looking.

The FT-1 in the pictures features Saddle Leather interior appointment, which will undoubtedly give an air of sophistication to the heart pounding thrill machine, and points to the high end level that Toyota plans on competing.

A sports car is all about thrills. The feel of the machine is crucial, but so is how it looks.

If a car doesn’t grab your attention chances are you will be less inclined to want one.

The FT-1’s sculpted body and deep intakes evoke a sense of power and capability that will hopefully shape all future Toyota models.

“From the start of the FT-1 project, we wanted the driver to have a feeling of flow while at the wheel – to be able to focus on the road and nothing else,” said Sellene Lee, the Calty creative designer who proposed both color concepts. “In the color studio we help create the atmosphere of the vehicle, and our aim was to ensure everything supported the driver through efficient choices. The saddle leather maintains that same ‘in the zone’ driving intention, while bringing in a more premium feeling.”

Unfortunately as of the moment I write this there are few pictures available. But the ones I found are enough to build some excitement.

It has been too long since the last great Toyota, the Supra, was available. The FT-1 has a lot of expectation riding on its shoulders.

If history is any indication though, the FT-1 will be as amazing to drive as it is to look at.

If you happen to be in Montreal this week, head over to the Toyota Booth on Level 2 of the Palais des congrès.

Let us know what you think.

Consumer Expert Robert Nichols

Robert is a lifelong car nut. He works as a Technician with 16 years experience and has multiple trade licenses. Having worked on vehicles ranging from Porsche's, fire trucks, trains, and industrial/mining equipment, he has a varied and broad knowledge base to draw on. But his favorite thing to do is drive, be it on two or four wheels.