Toyota has reissued its 2013 recall for faulty front passenger airbag inflators. The reissue came after the realization that the airbag supplier’s list of affected serial numbers was incomplete.

The reissue will affect  over 2 million vehicles globally, some of which were recalled in April 2013, at which time the part was only changed if it was already faulty. The trouble originated due to the propellant used in the inflators. Faulty units have the chance that the air bag could open improperly during a collision.

The original recall was for those vehicles with a specific serial number, the latest recall is for all Takata inflators whether faulty at the time of inspection or not. The NHTSA is investigating reports of faulty drivers side air bag inflators as well, however, Toyota only plans to replace the passenger side with this recall.

Takata, the second largest airbag manufacturer in the world, stated the chemical propellants were improperly stored and that due to insufficient quality control records it is impossible to correctly identify exactly which inflators could fail.

What’s worse is due to the lack of records, Takata cannot be sure if only Toyota received the bad parts. Honda, Nissan, Chrysler, Fiat and Mazda are all trying to determine whether they need to recall any of their vehicles.

Do you own a Toyota? How soon will you phone the dealer?