The battle for you dashboard is heating up, and Google may have won this area in future Toyota’s.

Toyota has revealed its new infotainment system, which appears to be a fairly basic unit in its native state. However, Toyota has worked with ASUS, who make the Nexus 7, and has designed a system that allows the tablet to dock directly over the car’s touchscreen and serve as the interface.

This is an interesting solution, but as this release is only currently for Taiwan, it remains to be seen if Toyota is planning on bringing this infotainment system to its international models.

This video from Toyota’s Taiwan YouTube channel highlights the system’s features and advantages.

Toyota Intelligent System

Google recently announced its plans for Android Auto with the help of their Open Automotive Alliance. Toyota is not a part of this alliance (yet), but still chose to base their system on an Android device.

What do you think about Toyota’s unique infotainment system? Would you like them to bring it to more cars in more countries?