TWD S3, Ep 3: Merle, The Gov, Sweepstakes Codes & More!

TWD S3, Ep 3: Merle, The Gov, Sweepstakes Codes & More!

Merle is back!

That’s the big headline from The Walking Dead tonight. But, of course, that’s not the only headline. We also, finally, get into the Michonne/Andrea storyline in tonight’s show. Something that has been a teaser since the end of last season.

Another new item this week – a helicopter, in the air, with military personal. Apparently some semblance of a military still exists. But not much – more on that in a moment.

At the beginning of the show, we see a helicopter crash. Smoke rising from the crash draws the attention of Michonne and Andrea. But they aren’t the only ones to see it.

A team from a fortress/town called Woodbury also see the smoke. Merle, from season 1, is a member of the town, and on the team sent to investigate. Hiding in the woods, Andrea and Michonne watch the team from the town. Though Michonne ends up slaying her ‘pet’ zombies to keep them quiet while the girls hide, Merle still ends up discovering  the women. They are taken to the town. Their status, prisoners or guests, is unclear.

Andrea, as we know from last week’s show, is ill. She is cared for by a doctor in the town. The single survivor of the helicopter crew, the pilot, is also cared for. He explains he was part of a camp in which a member was bit. Panic ensued, and the camp was overrun. They abandoned their post. The helicopter was to scout ahead of the group as they escaped.

The governor of Woodbury listens to all their stories. He appears kind and helpful to Michonne, Andrea, and the pilot. But something feels off. Something is lurking under the pleasantness.

That feeling soon bears fruit. Something is terribly wrong. The pilot tells the governor where the rest of his group is. The governor takes a team from the town and ambushes the pilot’s group, wiping them out. Then he loots their supplies and weapons. Returning to the town with the loot, he tells the townspeople that the pilot’s group had been overrun by “biters” before they arrived.

As the show begins to wrap up, it appears that Andrea is warming up to the governor’s charms. Michonne remains very suspicious.

In the final scene, we see the governor, sitting in what appears to be his living room. As he sits there, he stares at bubbling fish tanks full of heads… one tank includes the head of the helicopter pilot.

We do learn more about Michonne’s pet’s during this episode. Apparently Michonne used them to help the women blend in with the walkers… not be as noticeable. Also, because their jaws and arms had been removed, they had become docile. There were also hints that her pets were people that were important to Michonne when they were alive. But when she needed to silence them, she sliced their heads off without hesitation.

Ready for the sweepstakes words? The three words revealed during tonight’s show were “Beware Of Walkers.” The sweepstakes can be entered here.

AMC also announced tonight that music from The Walking Dead is available at

There are also a couple of new The Walking Dead videos online at AMC’s site. They include the making of tonight’s episode and a sneak peak at next week’s show.

As we noted earlier, The Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2 are available streaming on Netflix, current season shows are available streaming on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

What do you think of season 3 so far? Glad to finally get to the Michonne/Andrea story? Do you think Andrea will eventually find and rejoin her old group?

What about Merle? Is a battle between brothers being set up? Daryl isn’t the same man he was when the two last saw each other. If Merle finds and attacks the group, will Daryl try to save them?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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