Twitter At 200 Million Tweets A Day

Twitter is growing exponentially since its early days. From the earlier figures taken in 2009 of only 2 million tweets a day, to the following year’s 65 million tweets, Twitter tweets stand at an impressive volume of 200 million tweets a day. The top management at Twitter is very optimistic about the future for Twitter.

When Twitter debuted into social networking, it experienced a number of problems with downtime. In 2009 this became the butt of quite a few jokes. This however did not keep people from constantly visiting and trying to tweet. Thankfully since then the site has become much more stable and the growth keeps climbing steadily.

In an effort to gain further mileage Twitter studied its most popular topics during the first 6 months of this year. Pop star Rebecca Black took the trophy, followed closely by Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” album and actor Charles Sheen. The topics on most lips included swine flu, Hosni Mubarak and Easter festivities. Recent prominent users include the black hat LulzSec hackers group.

Despite this Twitter has some distance to cover before they can catch up with the formidable Facebook. According to the statistics, Facebook users stand at approximately 500 million and counting and they exchange content at a staggering 30 billion pieces per day.

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