Today over 14 million people around the world await the final decision about the State Department’s Diversity Visa Lottery, otherwise … Read more

After an intial failed attempt, Hulu has re-launched Facebook Connect, a feature which allows users to share with their Facebook … Read more

After a six-year long wait, readers eargerly welcomed A Dance With Dragons in bookstores yesterday. This is George R.R. Martin’s … Read more

David Beckham’s site,, was hacked yesterday. The attack did not seem malicious, but was timed to coincide with the … Read more

Nokia has finally thrown in the towel after its Vertu cell phone failed to make an impact in the Japanese … Read more

US President Obama is the most social media aware president the US has ever had. Recently he held his town … Read more

After 134 take-offs, the last space expedition for the Atlantis space shuttle is expected to take place on Friday the … Read more

Japanese scientists working on the Pacific seabed discovered rare earth used in the manufacture of high tech gadgets. These minerals are … Read more

Hackers have hit out once again, and this time via’s Twitter account. About 34,000 followers received a message that President Barack … Read more

Twitter is growing exponentially since its early days. From the earlier figures taken in 2009 of only 2 million tweets … Read more

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