UARS Now Tracked By SatelliteAR Android App!

UARS Now Tracked By SatelliteAR Android App!

The SatelliteAR app downloadable for the Android marketplace is actually designed to track satellites. You can point your phone at the sky and track the actual satellites flying overhead.

You don’t see an actual picture of the satellite, of course, but an inserted digital representation of it in the sky above.

For the UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) that is barreling down on unsuspecting earthlings, SatelliteAR has added a temporary feature to track the erstwhile orbital wanderer. The feature will allow app users to stargaze and monitor the trajectory of the 26 pieces of UARS as the re-enter the atmosphere.

NASA has assured North America that none of the space junk will land here, but that leaves the rest of the world wondering, and Android is available worldwide. given the amount of the planet’s surface that’s covered by water, there’s more than a reasonable chance the big thug will splash down or hit somewhere uninhabited. Some random sailor may have quite a tail to tell after Friday’s landing!SatelliteAR

The SatelliteAR (Satellite Augmented Reality), designed by Analytical Graphics, Inc., is available now in the Android marketplace. It is free to download and install. No word on how long the temporary feature will be available, but there probably won’t be much reason for it to be active after UARS tumbles to Earth sometime during the afternoon/evening of September 23rd.

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