The Veronica Mars Movie PosterThe Veronica Mars movie is making headlines again, this time for its unusual release.

Warner Bros. will be distributing the film both to theatres and at home video-on-demand platforms on March 14. Fans will have a choice to either see the film in theatre, or buy or rent it online.

The Veronica Mars movie already created a huge buzz after breaking records with its Kickstarter campaign. Creator Rob Thomas and producer and star Kristen Bell were unable to obtain funds for their Veronica Mars movie project and turned to Kickstarter, a crowd funding site.

Their Kickstarter campaign broke the record for the highest number of pledgers with 91 585 donors raising a total of $5 702 153.

Usually, AMC requires 90 days before a film can be made available for home release after its theatrical release. However, instead of doing a standard release, Warner Bros. rented out the theatres to show Veronica Mars, and thus sidestepped AMC’s 90 day policy.

Although many are viewing this as a significant shift in the method of film release, Warner Bros. has claimed this is simply a rare exception.

Will you be seeing the Veronica Mars movie at home or in theatres?

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