Charlie Sheen finally got his paycheck for his last wages. An agreement between Sheen, Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre (creator and producer for the Two And A Half Men show) that ends the $100 million lawsuit Sheen filed as a result of his firing. This puts the dispute to rest for good. Sheen needed a good shot in the bank account; he’s hemorrhaging money with two sets of child support at $50,000 a month each to ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller. Hey, a warlock’s gotta eat!

No word yet on Charlie’s future career plans, although with $25 million in the bank, one could argue he doesn’t really need to work another day in his life. But, working is probably a good thing – an idle Sheen would be a drug-addled Sheen in short order. At least he extended the olive branch to his former co-workers at the Emmys.

While it is a huge chunk of change, it pales in comparison to the settlement NBC reached with Conan O’Brien as a severance for his brief seven months on The Tonight Show – that deal cost NBC $45 million. The jury (and most of the audience) is still out on whether NBC made a wise decision sacking Conan in favor of bringing Jay Leno back. It’s going to take more than $45 million to put the sheen of approval back on Leno.