What’s New With Android Lollipop?

Google has recently announced the release of Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 the first gadgets to get the update.

So what exactly can we expect from the latest iteration of Google’s signature operating system?

Here’s a quick n’ dirty rundown of the most significant features that Lollipop brings to the table:

“Material Design” Aesthetic

Android will be getting a major design overhaul with Lollipop, with cleaner, bolder and more vibrant lines coupled with animations that help add more ‘life’ to the user experience.

This YouTube video by Google shows how Material Design works in action.

Enhanced Notifications

Notifications will blend more easily instead of getting all in your face, and will offer the ability to screen out low-priority ones of your choosing.

The lock screen will also become more useful, with notifications delivering more information and interactivity – including the ability to answer messages from the lock screen.

Inter-Device Connectivity

Lollipop will make it easier to transfer your settings and provide a more consistent user experience across your devices.

Google hopes to achieve this integration even if you are using different devices from different manufacturers, like a phone from Sony paired with a tablet from Samsung.

Better Security

You can set a geographical fence that will lock your phone with a PIN if it is brought out of the designated area, while SELinux enforcement coupled with encryption turned on by default makes it harder for compromised apps to infect your unit.

The ability to create multiple user profiles – including a guest one – also enhances security by preventing others from snooping through your files when you lend them your phone.

Longer Battery Life

Google claims that Android Lollipop can extend battery life by up to 90 minutes with the battery saver feature enabled.

This coupled with a more accurate estimate of remaining battery life will help users better manage power consumption on their phones.

Consumer Expert Efren Lawag Alberto

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