Wii Fit U Available To Wii U Owners For Free – Limited Time

Wii Fit U Available To Wii U Owners For Free – Limited Time

Starting on the 1st of November, Nintendo will give all Wii U owners the chance to download a full copy of Wii Fit U, the yet to be released sequel in their outrageously popular Wii Fit series, for free.

Additionally, if by some chance you find yourself  liking the game, Nintendo will allow you to keep  a permanent copy of the title, for no additional cost, with the purchase of a (Wii) Fit Meter (for $19.99).

 How Exactly Does It Work

Beginning in November, anybody who owns a Wii U console and has an active internet connection, will be able to log into the Nintendo’s E-shop and download their copy of the game. The free trial begins the moment the download is initiated and will end in exactly one month from that date.

As stated before, if you would like to keep the game (permanently) you will have to purchase a Fit Meter, which then has to be synced to the console from within the Wii Fit U software, before it can be unlocked. This however, is not a permanent offer and, according to Nintendo,  will no longer be available after the 31st of January.

What is a Fit Meter

The Fit Meter, on the surface, is nothing more than a Nintendo branded pedometer. It contains a 3 axis accelerometer for determining the intensity (and frequency) of exercises, as well as  pressure meter used to detect changes in altitude (for activities such as climbing and jumping). Other additional features include information on temperature, a calorie burn graph and a MET’s graph all displayed on its tiny, front facing, black and white screen.

Strangely enough, at this point in time, it does not seem that the Fit Meter has been made available for purchase anywhere in the world  (not even in Nintendo’s own online store) however, It is fair to assume that it will be hitting store shelves as the November launch date draws nearer. 

Will you be buying a Fit Meter? Tell us in the comments below.

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