World War Z – Zombie Apocalypse Released…On DVD!

World War Z – Zombie Apocalypse Released…On DVD!

World War Z was released on DVD today.

World War Z has the dual distinction of being the number one zombie movie ever made (at the box office anyway) and Brad Pitt’s most profitable film he’s starred in. It also suffered an amazing amount of criticism due to it’s serious departure from the book that inspired it.

The World War Z book is a complex series of interviews with government officials and other witnesses of the ten year zombie war after it has occurred. The movie World War Z, in stark contrast, is an adventure thriller told from the point of view of someone not even mentioned in the book. The two share some concepts obviously, but the actual zombies depicted are different. In the book, the zombies are slow, thoughtless creaures incapable of group actions, whereas the zombies in the film seem to act as if their part of a hive mind, tendrils of a single enemy bent on a single purpose.

What drew the makers of the World War Z film to the book in the first place was the unique narrative and commentary on social, religious and political views in the landscape of a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, while those interviews read well, they don’t always look as good on film. The filmmakers had to make a radical departure to make a movie people would want to see in the theaters. Judging by the record-gross for a zombie film, they accomplished their task with World War Z – so much so, there’s a sequel in the works.

Wal-Mart has priced the World War Z DVD at $14.96, Blu-Ray/DVD at $19.98 and Blu-Ray/DVD/3D with Digital Copy at $24.96. Amazon almost matches Wal-Mart penny for penny, listing  the DVD for $14.96, Blu-Ray/DVD for $19.99 and Blu-Ray/DVD/3D with Digital Copy for $24.96. Best Buy has the DVD for $16.99, Blu-Ray/DVD for $19.99 and Blu-Ray/DVD/3D with Digital Copy for $27.99. Target just lists two options, the Blu-Ray/DVD with a collectible book for $19.99 (online price only) and the same for $24.99 (store price).

With the release of World War Z today, televisions and entertainment centers across the world are about to become infested with the zombie apocalypse!

Will you become one of the World War Z zombie horde? Or are you one of them already? Let me know in the comments below!

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