World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile For Sale!

Auto restoration guru Casey Pustch of Putsch racing is ready to part with his custom-built Batmobile. Putsch obtained a movie prop Batmobile and modified the car to include a Boeing turboshaft (taken from an actual naval drone helicopter) to upgrade the engine.

Additional modifications were made to the interior to include an iPad in the dash which monitors the avionics running the turboshaft engine and GPS coordinates. The Boeing-powered Batmobile is about to go up for auction in about a week on eBay. The estimated cost to own this turbine spinning movie Americana? A cool $620,000 will put you behind the wheel just like Bruce Wayne. The digital avionics on the iPad help monitor the jet engine and fuel consumption of three available types of fuels to run the beast – Jet A, kerosene, or diesel.

The military spec turboshaft drives the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox. The custom tube frame/monocoque chassis is supported by fully independent suspension, disc brakes, a sequential shifter and has a power to weight ratio consistent with a Dodge Viper. Putsch Racing has verified the vehicle is street registered in the US, so it is legal to drive in on the road without any special registrations, permits or modifications. At only $620,000, it’s a steal!

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