Wunderlist is down and has been for about three days.

The Wunderlist service and suite of applications for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, is a cloud-enabled and free service that let’s shoppers keep lists of things coordinated between all of their digital devices.

The beginning of the downtime coincided with the release of the much-touted Wunderlist 2, which includes upgraded applications. The Wunderlist.com site has been offering apologies for the downtime.

The Twitter @wunderlist is presently chock full of people asking when the service will be back.  The developers at Wunderlist have indicated that it should be back soon.

Many have adopted the free service to coordinate to-do lists, such as grocery lists and maybe even Holiday shopping lists.  Those folks might find out that they forgot a major purchase once the service is back up…hopefully not too late.

Have you experienced this setback? What are you doing to workaround the lack of Wunderlist?