Xbox 720 & PS4 Release May Hurt GTA 5 Sales – Analyst

Xbox 720 & PS4 Release May Hurt GTA 5 Sales – Analyst

CP recently reported that analyst Michael Pachter, from Wedbush Securities, believes that GTA 5 will not be playable on the next-gen PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles upon its release.

Pachter expanded his comments about GTA 5 and it’s arrival on on PS4 and Xbox 720 over the weekend, saying that GTA V sales would suffer a negative impact from the launches of Xbox 720 and PS4.

This is because neither console will be backward compatible, and this will act as a barrier to the number of GTA 5 copies sold over the next few years.

However, this may not hold true, as PS4 may allow the ability to play used games and Xbox 720 may follow the same footsteps as well.

Both next-generation consoles are expected to be released during the 2013 holiday season.

GTA 5 is set for a September 17 release, and pre-orders are already available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

A new fan video is available for those who’ve missed the trailers, screenshots and artwork of the game released so far.

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