xbox 720 kinect 2.0 motion gamingXbox 720 heralds the arrival of the next generation of gaming consoles.

The gaming device is confirmed for a release this year, so speculation about the features isn’t a surprise.

A report from Kotaku suggests the new XBOX will depend heavily on a new version of the Kinect.

Motion gaming is not new, of course, but there’s still a lot to be explored in this area.

The source also mentioned the technology ‘must be calibrated for the console even to function’, and that it will be shipped along with the console right in the box!

This new Kinect will possess the ability to keep track of up to six different players at a time, which is pretty impressive as it opens up the window to new and different types of games that can be introduced to the platform.

As far as picture clarity is concerned, the new device will provide complete 1080p resolution, along with supporting in-depth resolution of 512×424.

Multi-tasking is also a strongly rumored feature of Xbox 720.

The release date is unknown, but Sony is expected to reveal details of its competitor ‘PS Orbis’ on February 20th.

Will Kinect technology make Xbox 720 stand out? Share your views below!