American Airlines told Consumer Press today that they will be transporting more than 11 million travelers between the dates of Dec 20 to Jan 6, 2018.

Asked where consumers could go for flight information and help if their flights are canceled or delayed due to weather or other events, an American Airlines spokesman said:

“The number one tool for our customers is our powerful American Airlines app. 

“The app provides everything a customer may need, and will also enable rebooking if necessary due to weather.”

The American Airlines app for Android phones is available here, and the iOS version is here.

According to American, the app can be used to check in for flights, get boarding passes, receive flight status updates, track bags, find Admirals Clubs, search for shops and restaurants, zoom and map routes to baggage claim and connecting gates, and, if a flight is delayed or canceled, rebook a flight.

While American just told us about the app when we asked, they do offer other ways for travelers to contact them.

There’s not a way to contact customer service through the app, but on their website, they list a 24 hour customer service number for reservations and ticket changes: 1-800-433-7300.

They also have a page on their site for looking up the current status of flights.

And a page for special travel alerts.

While American Airlines’ official twitter feed appears to be just promotional, consumers can also stay up to date by following the latest tweets using the #americanairlines hashtag.

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FYI: According to American Airlines, their busiest holiday travel day for 2018 is expected to be today, Dec 21.

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