United Airlines expects to fly about a half a million travelers each day on their busiest holiday travel days of 2018.

United Airlines spokesman Madhu Unnikrishnan told Consumer Press that their busiest days will be December 20 through December 22, and January 3 through January 6.

United Airlines didn’t have much to say when we asked for tips for their customers that might experience travel disruptions, where customers can get updates, and who they can contact for help if they are having issues.

Please note that customers can always find updated information on their flights on united.com and on the mobile app” was Unnikrishnan’s reply.

So let’s do some additional digging, starting with more information on the United Airlines app he mentioned.

According to United’s website, you can use the app to check in, check your flight’s status, view real time flight paths and weather conditions, track your bags, access your boarding pass, and change your flight during check in or from the ‘reservations’ section of the app.

The iOS version of the app is here. The Android version here.

There’s not a way to contact customer service through the app. but they do have a customer service number for reservations, flight changes and special needs. It’s 1-800-864-8331.

There’s a page on United’s website that includes a flight status lookup form and a way to sign up for updates on the status of flights.

United’s site also has a page with their latest travel updates, including notices of travel waivers due to weather issues and other events, and a page with the current weather conditions at the airports they operate from.

United’s official Twitter page is mostly promotional, but does include some travel disruption updates, such as a post on Dec 20 alerting the customers of a travel waiver due to weather in the NY area.

And of course, you can find the latest twitter posts from United flyers under the hashtag #unitedairlines.

Are you flying United Airlines and dealing with flight delays and cancellations?

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