Jonesing For A Samsung Galaxy S4? HTC Says Not So Fast!

Jonesing For A Samsung Galaxy S4? HTC Says Not So Fast!

After Apple and LG made efforts to take the attention away from Galaxy S4, HTC’s North America President has given his take on Galaxy S4… and he isn’t impressed.

While talking to BusinessInsider, Mike Woodward said it looks a lot like the Galaxy S3. “”We were pleased to see no innovation in the design itself,” said Woodward.

He also went on to criticize the new features, saying users won’t be interested in them.

According to Woodward, Android users would be more interested in Sense 5, a new user interface that’s included in the latest flagship HTC One handset and can be used to pull live content from media partners and social media sites.

He also believes the aluminium design and metal on the HTC One will outdo the plastic design of Galaxy S4.

However, these are just his thoughts, and it isn’t easy for HTC One to compete with Galaxy S4, considering the marketing budget Samsung has.

The HTC One is due out this month. Best guess is the S4 will be released late April or early May.

Which do you think is better, the HTC One or the Galaxy S4?

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