Loyal Continuum fans took to Twitter Friday night begging Showcase for a Continuum fourth season renewal, making #RenewContinuum a trending topic in the United States.

The tweetathon, organized by Continuum super fan Rich Piechowski, drew thousands of tweets from across North America from 6:00 to 6:15PM Eastern.

Even some of Continuum’s stars joined in the tweetathon, including show lead Rachel Nichols, who plays the time traveling cop, Kiera Cameron:

@RachelNichols1: Our #Continuum fans are THE JAM. Thanks guys! #RenewContinuum instagram.com/p/rdFDDLvJJL/

Cast mate Victor Webster, who plays Kiera’s present-timeline detective partner Carlos Fonnegra, also expressed his support:

@webstervictor: Just landed in LA and heard that #RenewContinuum was trending. #Continuum fans rock. #NuumNuts are the best

Eric Knudsen, who plays genius tech mogul Alec Sadler, also thanked fans:

@EricKWKnudsen: It is incredible to see so much love for our tv show. Thank you so much fans! Let’s do this! #RenewContinuum

Showrunner Simon Barry also made his case to Showcase and Shaw Media:

@SimonDavisBarry: @showcasedotca @ContinuumSeries #RenewContinuum #Continuum Because our amazing fans deserve it. #Respect

With season 3 of Continuum now available on Netflix, the fan base for this addictive, well-written science-fiction show is only growing.

With a surprising season 3 finale cliffhanger, and Simon Barry’s promise about renewal or cancellation news would come out in “early August,” Continuum fans are becoming even more anxious to find out of Continuum has been renewed or cancelled.

Hopefully, these enthusiastic and loyal fans have made a convincing case to Showcase to #RenewContinuum for a fourth season.