Everyone has their breaking point and Juice (Theo Rossi) hit his in episode 5 of  ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as the episode ended with him holding a gun to Gemma (Katey Sagal), leaving everyone asking: will Juice kill Gemma?

Juice has been losing it little by little and tonight he went over the edge, making yet another stupid decision.

After he finds out what happened at Diosa he sees a Chinese man start to follow him and when the guy comes in his hotel room he kills him, thinking he is one of Lin’s men.

Too bad they guy works for the motel and thought Juice owed money.

Gemma, seeing how unhinged he is, offers to drive him out of town, but Juice realizes they are driving the wrong way and starts to question her.

When she says Nero is coming to meet them and help get Juice far away he realizes it’s a set-up and tells her he knows she’s lying.

She takes her gun out of her purse and the 2 struggle with the gun while she’s driving.  They crash and Juice lashes into her, saying he can’t believe she would do this after he helped her.

The show ends with Gemma crying and begging him not to kill her.

You’ve got to give Rossi credit- as much as I hate Juice for being so dumb, I do feel for him and that is because of Rossi’s amazing portrayal of a man on the edge.

Meanwhile,the massacre at Diosa deeply affected  Nero (Jimmy Smits) and he is  blaming Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and  SAMCRO’s war with the Chinese for all that is happening.

Too bad he doesn’t know that it was really his precious Gemma (Katey Sagal) that set this whole grisly set of events in motion.

As if that wasn’t enough he soon gets a visit from Lin Triad leader Henry, who threatens to kill his disabled son unless Nero delivered Jax to him by the end of the day.

The threat against his kid sends Nero over the edge and he gets into a fist fight with Jax.

Afterwards, he accuses Jax of lying to him and putting them all in danger, then questions how accurate his information about the Chinese murdering Tara is.

Jax tells Nero he believes it 100% because it came from Gemma, which takes Nero by surprise.

After, Jax tells Nero he values his friendship but he must choose sides: After talking to Gemma and seeing she really did say the Chinese killed Tara Nero helps Jax set up Henry and his crew.

Jax also realizes that there was no way Lin Triad had proof that SAMCRO took their drugs and guns- unless someone ratted.

I would place bets that Jury from the Indian Hills tribe ratted out the club as payback for the club killing those 2 guys, one of which appeared to be related to Jury.

Jax though, doesn’t know about the connection between the 2 or that Jury knows the club killed those 2 guys, so he may not find out for a while.

Jax and Chibs meet up with Henry and tell him a bogus story about Marks forcing the club to target Lin Triad.

When Henry takes Jax and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) to go meet with Alavarez and come up with a plan to stop Marks they are ambushed  and Jax tells Henry he is going to kill them all for what he did to Tara.

Sheriff Jarry (Annabeth Gish) calls Chibs while Jax and Henry are fighting (well, really Jax is using him as a punching dummy), warning that the Stockton police are following Lin’s gang so they have to leave before Jax can kill Henry.

Later on the club drives by the Triad’s hangout and shoots everyone up.

By the way kudos to Gish, who has made Sheriff Jarry likable in such a short time. Her scenes with Chibs are pure magic.

Too bad we have to wait a whole week to see what happens next- start the countdown now.