The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Date? After Marathon… We Get Nothing!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Date? After Marathon… We Get Nothing!

The waiting game for an announcement of just when in October The Walking Dead season 4 will premiere continues.

Just moments ago, the The Walking Dead seasons 1 through 3 marathon ended and no date for the premiere of season 4 was announced. Just the generic “October” that AMC has been teasing us with for months.

So here we wait…. stewing…

At the end of The Walking Dead, season 3, we were left with the survivors of Woodbury moving into the prison with our heroes.

The Governor, in a rage against his own people after a failed assault on the prison, killed a number of them himself. He then took off with two of his henchmen. Current whereabouts unknown. No doubt we’ll see him again, but no guesses as to when.

Andrea is dead – after being tortured by The Governor. She was locked in a room with a dying Milton, who became a walker. Rick and his group from the prison missed saving her by mere minutes. She was bit, and ends up taking her own life, with Michonne by her side.

And, in what may be a moment of clarity for Rick, he learns that his son Carl killed a boy from Woodbury as the youth was attempting to surrender.

It was one heck of an intense season finale.

Before The Walking Dead season 4 premieres, we expect three things:

1) The announcement of when the premiere will be, of course (we were hoping for that tonight)

2) The release of the pre-season 4 The Walking Dead webisodes. Last year’s (Cold Storage) were released two weeks before the season 3 premiere. Of course, they could skip this all together – but it would certainly disappoint fans.

3) The release of The Walking Dead season 3 on Netflix. If AMC holds to what it has done in the past, that will likely available streaming the week before the season 4 premiere.

Are you – dying – for The Walking Dead season 4 premiere date, and for the new season to get started?

Leave your comments below!

Here’s The Walking Dead season 4 preview that was released at the end of season 3:

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