Third Dog Food Recall Issued Due To Aflatoxin Fears

Another dog food brand is being recalled due to fears of aflatoxin poisoning. This is the third dog food recall related to aflatoxin this month.

The first recall was on Procter & Gamble’s Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy food. The dry puppy food was distributed in 16 eastern US states. Additional information about this recall is on our site here.

The second recall was issued by Cargill for their 40 and 50 pound bags of Marksman and River Run dog food products. The dog food was distributed in 13 states, mostly in the south, but also in the midwest and as far as Hawaii, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Additional information about this recall is on our site here.

This third recall is by Advanced Animal Nutrition on their Dog Power Adult Maintenance Formula 21-12 dog food in 50 pound bags, Dog Power Hunters Formula 27-14 dog food in 50 pound bags, and Dog Power Hi-Pro Performance Formula 26-18 dog food in 50 pound bags. The recalled dog food is identified by the lot numbers K0004 through K1322. The food was distributed in Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Advanced Animal Nutrition states in the recall announcement that there have been no illnesses reported due to the recalled dog food. The recall is being done as a precaution after levels of aflatoxin were found to be above an acceptable limit.

Aflatoxin is produced by molds. It is naturally occurring and is not considered dangerous in small quantities. In fact, the FDA allows a very low amount of aflatoxin in products intended for human and animal consumption, including peanuts, seeds, spices and corn.

Corn is a major ingredient in many dog foods. Corn can become moldy in hot, dry, weather, as was experienced last summer. FarmGateBlog warned of the potential for aflatoxin issues several months ago.

In late 2005 and early 2006, more than 75 dogs died when dog food produced by Diamond Foods contained higher than allowed levels of aflatoxin.

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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