Walmart’s 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee Angering Black Friday Shoppers

Walmart’s 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee Angering Black Friday Shoppers

Walmart’s 1-hour in-stock Black Friday guarantee is leaving angry and frustrated Walmart shoppers in its wake.

Consumer Press began hearing from unhappy shoppers just hours ago.

The primary complaint appears to be that shoppers that purchased 1-hour in-stock guarantee cards have found it difficult, if not impossible, to register their cards on Walmart’s website.

Bought two iPads after waiting in line for an hour. Went home to register for gift card and guess what no access code on my receipt. I will have to fight the lines again. Not a great way to run a business,” commented Thomas K. Schoeninger tonight on an article we posted last year when Walmart frustrated Black Friday shoppers in a similar manner.

This has been the most confusing experience that I have ever had trying to register my 1hour guarantee card! Sure hope that I will be able get it done in the morning. Can’t find the correct link to register this card. I am very unhappy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‘ said Barbara Pyle Key.

I can not even get to the page to register the two items that I purchased. I have no idea what to do from here. Hope Wal-Mart makes good on my purchase,” wrote Michelle Byrd Robinson.

Lots of pages telling what to do. a simple page that says click here to register would have been really nice. still haven’t registered my tv. I give up . Wait till tomorrow and call the 800 number I got from one page” said Lee Thompkins.

The issues reported above sound like an exact repeat of what happened last year with the same program.

Walmart’s 1-hour  in-stock guarantee provides shoppers with an in-stock guarantee card if an item sells out in the store within an hour of going on sale. The item is then to be made available to the shopper, at that store, before Christmas.

Once an  in-stock guarantee card is purchased, the card must be registered on Walmart’s site by 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

On the registration page, Walmart does provide a customer service number, 1-877-745-0190, and the customer service email address, The ask shoppers seeking help through this email address to include “1-Hour Guarantee” in the subject line.

Consumer Press has contacted Walmart through a press contact and is awaiting their comment. We will be updating this story as new information becomes available.

Are you having trouble with Walmart’s 1-hour in stock guarantee program?

If so, please tell us about your experience using the comments section below!

***update – Walmart 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee Registration Deadline Extended.