Early Monday morning Apple changed the shipping date for all versions of its new iPad tablet in the US to “2 – 3 Weeks.”

The new iPad was revealed by Apple at an event in San Francisco last Wednesday. That very same day they began taking pre-orders for the new tablet. Those that placed their pre-orders early are scheduled to receive them on March 16, the same day the new iPad is to appear in stores.

By Saturday, the initial pre-order inventory was sold out. Apple issued a statement at that time saying that demand for the new iPad was “off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased.” The shipping date on their website changed to “Ships By March 19”.

New-iPadNow that inventory appears to be sold out as well. We began hearing reports of pre-ordering shipping in other countries reaching the ‘2 – 3 week’ status early Sunday. But until about an hour ago, the status here in the US was still “Ships By March 19.

The 2 to 3 week shipping date now appears on the pre-order form for all versions and colors of the new iPad on Apple’s US site.

We reported yesterday that local Radio Shacks were taking pre-order/reservations as well. The company said they would close pre-ordering at the end of business day today. However, we’ve heard many reports from shoppers saying their local Radio Shacks are already sold out.

Best Buy now has a promo on their website for the new iPad. But they are not listing any pre-ordering options at this time.

Neither AT&T, nor Verizon, are accepting pre-orders through their sites at this time. Both do have sign up for shoppers to be notified when their iPads will become available.