New Rumors Swirl Regarding New Apple HDTV

More news from the murky world of Apple predictions and rumors coming your way.

The Cult of Mac reported yesterday that they have a source (unnamed, of course) that has laid eyes on a prototype of Apple’s new (rumored) smart TV. According to the source, the Apple TV will look like “Apple’s current lineup of LED-backlit Cinema Displays but is ‘much bigger.'” The source goes on to say that the TV has Siri and includes a built-in iSight camera for use on FaceTime video conference calls.

Cult of Mac’s source told the site that the iSight camera on the Apple TV is sophisticated. They said the camera features “facial recognition and the ability to zoom into the user’s face and follow them as they walk around the room,” which would allow the user to make video calls from various locations in the room, rather than having to sit directly in front of the TV.

The Cult of Mac has several images posted of what the new TV may look like.

Rumors of an Apple TV have been bantered about for quite some time now. The speculation really heated up after several reports suggested a prototype model was being shown off to Canadian broadcasters.

It wasn’t long before we heard stories that the Apple TV would include some form of gesture control and remote access through iPhone and iPads.

Most of the rumors have indicated a launch of the Apple TV sometime late this year. But recently an analyst from J.P. Morgan threw water on that idea.

Of course, Apple has not made any statements confirming an Apple TV, one way or another.

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