Shein has a flashy, colorful site with lots of tempting ‘buy’ signals. But is Shein legit? Consumer Press investigates.

AliExpress offers cheap prices and a slick website. It’s tempting to buy… but is AliExpress safe, or too good to be true? Consumer Press investigates.

Is Poshmark legit – and the more on point question – is it safe to use? Consumer Press investigates and provides tips for safe buying and selling on Poshmark.

Yes, Mercari is legit, but it’s not exactly issue free.¬†Consumer Press investigates and provides tips on how to stay safe on Mercari…

Is DealDash legit or a scam? The devil is in the details!

Have you seen those cool, catchy, DealDash commercials on TV? Maybe the one where they say a $1000 iPad sold … Read more

You may have seen the commercials with Ryan Reynolds, the “owner” of Mint Mobile, hawking the company’s cheap mobile phone … Read more

StockX is an online company that brings sellers and buyers together with an auction-like system. The company acts as a … Read more

Is SnapTravel legit?

SnapTravel promotes itself as a way to get “30-50% off hotels with exclusive pricing over SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, … Read more


KicksCrew is a Hong Kong based online shoe store for sneaker enthusiasts. The company was founded in 2008. They primarily … Read more

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