Walmart’s In-Stock Guarantee – NFS Readers Reporting Major Problems

Walmart’s In-Stock Guarantee – NFS Readers Reporting Major Problems

Walmart’s 1-hour in-stock guarantee program appears to be going as well as… last year’s 1-hour in-stock guarantee program.

A more than 50 commenters have left complaints and details of the problems they are experiencing on an article we published last night about problems with the program.

Issues being reported include the registration page timing out, lack of an access code on receipts, the code on the guarantee card being short of numbers, the PIN number being difficult to read on the receipt, being asked to pay again during registration, and access codes being identified as invalid.

Readers who have called Walmart’s customer service line, 1-877-745-0190, are reporting that they are being disconnected after long waits.

Bought 2 iPad minis after waiting in line for an hour and 15. Paid for them, but got a code to go online and redeem it for an in store delivery. Found the website, and waited 3 hours for it to slow me to enter my code. Then it asks for a code found on the receipt. Here is the problem NO CoDE! So I call the 1877#. Says wait on the phone for assistance. Then,hangs up. Tryed it 8 times, no way of getting ahold of these guys. F Walmart!” wrote Derek Snyder, in a comment that is typical of what we have been receiving here at CP.

Went to Walmart last night and it was pure chaos! Finally got a voucher for a TV. Got home and it says invalid code every time I enter it. Tried calling the number listed. The number directs you to wait for an agent and then gives a busy signal and disconnects the call. I was however able to register my beats headphones voucher, but it gave me no color options. Then read online that it was supposed to give a color option but the site was messed up. What a mess. I have no idea what is going on!” said Donya McMeen Golden in another comment.

Consumer Press has attempted to contact Walmart’s press office for comments and advice for shoppers experiencing these problems, but has not received a response.

Walmart’s 1-hour in-stock guarantee provides shoppers with an in stock guarantee card if an item sells out in the store within an hour of going on sale. The item is then to be made available to the shopper, at that store, before Christmas.

Once an in-stock guarantee card is purchased, the card must be registered on Walmart’s site by 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

Walmart shoppers participating in last year’s 1-hour in-store guarantee program extending the deadline for registering guarantee cards.

We’ll update this story as new information comes in.

Are you having problems registering the 1-hour in-store guarantee card?

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***update – Walmart 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee Registration Deadline Extended.

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